When Does Arnie + Jack + Fuzzy = John Daly?

What's the answer to the riddle posed in the headline? This: When we're talking about the John Daly drink! Get it? A John Daly cocktail combines tea and lemonade with vodka. Arizona Iced Teas markets the Arnold Palmer drink (iced tea/lemonade blend) and also markets Jack Nicklaus Lemonades. And Fuzzy Zoeller has his own vodka label, Fuzzy Vodka.

So: Arnold + Jack + Fuzzy = John Daly!

Hmm, what's that, you say? If the Arnold Palmer already combines tea and lemonade, then won't adding Jack Nicklaus lemonades throw off the recipe? Um ... shut up! Math was never my strong suit.

Anyway: Yes, John Daly (the golfer) is now marketing John Dalys (the drink). Long John put together a company that is making Original John Daly Cocktails, which are bottled vodka cocktails (30 proof). There are three of them to start with, each combining lemonade and vodka with, respectively, raspberry tea, peach tea or sweet tea.

Daly's been talking about John Daly cocktails on Twitter for a couple years now, going back to 2010, when he ranted about bars and restaurants ripping him off by using the "John Daly" name. So Daly started up a company to make money off the cocktail that was already making money off his name. Good idea!

The photos here are from the company's Facebook page.

Where can you find these bottled drinks? Not too many places right now. Daly says they are first showing up in Bevmo liquor stores in California, Nevada and Arizona, expanding (hopefully) to other areas later.

If you find them for sale, let us know what you think.

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