Bode Miller Hits Golf Ball Into Model Wife's Eye

Hey, Bode Miller, you could put an eye out with that thing! Bode Miller is the onetime American Olympic skiing champ, still a skiing icon in the U.S. His wife is Morgan Miller (formerly Morgan Beck), a professional volleyball player and model.

Our story begins innocently enough, with this jocular tweet by Bode:

But soon, Bode's golfing "exploits" with his lovely missus took a dark turn:

Hospital? Oh, no! What happened?

Yikes! "Worst feeling ever." Yeah, well, imagine how your wife feels!

Double yikes! Triple yikes, if you click on that Instagram link in Morgan's tweet and view the damage to her eye. We do not recommend you do that, because it is truly disgusting.

Bode added a thank you to the hospital:

Along with a thank you to the makers of the sunglasses that Morgan was wearing, which Bode credits with saving his wife's eye:

The next day Morgan tweeted a positive update:

And added her own thank you to the glasses maker:

Morgan is very, very lucky that, in fact, she did not lose the eye. This accident could have been catastrophic, and I've taken the lighthearted approach above only because her eye appears safe.

But you know the moral of the story: Whether you are the one playing a stroke, or the one watching a stroke, if you are on a golf course be very damn careful that nobody is in position to be hurt when you are hitting the ball!

And now for something compelete different: A shot of Morgan Miller in better times. Now that she's playing golf (and hopefully this incident doesn't turn her off forever), she's a golf hottie:

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