Sunday, October 14, 2012

Trick Shots with Ian Poulter

Here's a video posted by Cobra Puma Golf in which Ian Poulter attempts to replicate trick shots in the repertoire of golf trick-shot artist Geoff Swain:

And does a pretty darn good job of it! That Ian, he's a tricky, tricky white boy.

The amount of skill - particularly hand-eye coordination and the ability to feel the clubhead's position during the swing - on display here is remarkable. Swain's trick shots are pretty much the same as every other golf trick-shot artist's shots. Which doesn't diminish in any way the skill that Swain shows. That Poulter picks up on the tricks, and in most cases seemingly quickly, is mighty impressive.

But given how much skill it takes simply to play golf at Poulter's level, probably not that surprising.

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