Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Psst - Have $50K? Then Have We Got a Golf Deal For You!

I guess if you can afford a game room that looks like that, you can probably afford the $50,000 golf simulator that is visible behind the pool table.

It's the XGOLF i2 system, an indoor golf simulator that offers play on more than 90 famous golf courses from around the world. It comes with lie-changing technology that tilts up to 45 degrees in eight different directions to simulate the various lies golfers find on real golf courses. Schweet!

The club and ball tracking system measures club path, speed, entry angle, impact position; and ball speed, launch angle and direction. Motion capture cameras allow the game-room golfer to replay any swing.

And it can all be yours for the low, low price of $50k! Actually, the XGOLF i2 starts at $47,500 and goes up depending on features and options; that base price does not include shipping or installation.

Want to know more? Visit

Anyone have $50k I can borrow? Pay you back on Tuesday.


  1. These simulators are great for full swing but how do you actually do putting? Can you adjust the break on the putting surface to make it more realistic?

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