Wednesday, October 28, 2015

13 Sexiest Golfers of 2015: No. 3 Annabel Rolley

No. 3 on GSB's 13 Sexiest Golfers of 2015 is Annabel Rolley. Which makes her No. 1 on any list of the sexiest golf instructors.

Because that's what Annabel is, of course. You can catch her many nights dispensing advice to golfers on the Golf Channel. Her profile has become quite large, but she earned it by working her way up through the instructor ranks first in her native Australia and then in the United States. She's worked at some of the top clubs and with some of the biggest names in her field.

If Annabel doesn't make you want to take lessons, nothing will.

Annabel shared this pic with the caption, "I can't tell you how elated I am with the global trend of 'small waist, round bum'...I was really hungry through the 'skinny' trend years! Haha #rockyourcurvesgirls":

Here are some more pics of Annabel:

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