Friday, November 14, 2014

13 Sexiest Golfers of 2014: No. 2 Meghan Hardin

And the golfer at No. 2 in's list of the 13 Sexiest Golfers of 2014 is Meghan Hardin.

Meghan is probably best-known as a cast member on a season of The Big Break. Or maybe as the calendar girl for Wilson Staff's 100th anniversary celebration. But she's also out there toiling on driving ranges and practice putting greens, entering tournaments on the mini-tour circuit and trying to fight her way up the ladder of pro golf. And, as you might imagine, she's very popular at corporate outings and pro-ams.

Somehow, she still manages to look like this:

We've featured Meghan once before on Golf Spelled Backwards, after the tweeted that she is "determined to get a Jenn Selter butt." But, my goodness, if her bottom ever matches her top, Meghan will have to be declared illegal.

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