Thursday, November 13, 2014

13 Sexiest Golfers of 2014: No. 9 Linda Henriksson

Have you noticed that lately the country of Finland has been producing a large number of golf hotties? No? That's probably only because these Finnish golfers play in Europe and many of them on the LET's Access Series (their version of the Symetra Tour).

But GSB noticed. And we certainly noticed Linda Henriksson, who is No. 9 on the list of 13 Sexiest Golfers of 2014.

Linda is 25 years old, born in Tornia, Finland but now based in Sweden. Many of the Finnish golfers wind up living in Sweden, too. Wonder why that is. Is Sweden the "warmer" places Finns move to? Maybe it's just so Linda and her fellow Finns can be closer to the home of the Nordea Tour, which many of them start out playing.

Stunning elegance, or elegantly stunning? Both!

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