Friday, September 19, 2014

Booty Patrol: Sandra Gal

You have to love an LPGA golfer who has very long legs and occasionally wears shorts or skirts so short or tight that she later apologizes after certain prudes complain. Well, you have to, at least, if you're a fan of golf hotties. And Sandra Gal is a golf hottie.

Here's a screengrab she recently shared on Twitter:

The capture is from an appearance Gal recently made on German television, in which the host challenged her to knock vases off a shelf by chipping golf balls at them. You won't be able to understand the dialogue (unless you speak German), but who cares: watch the video for that dress, those legs and that booty.

And as long as we're on Booty Patrol with Sandra Gal, here are a couple images Gal has generously shared on Instagram:

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