Thursday, September 4, 2014

Ben Hogan Slow-Motion Swing Videos

Want to watch Ben Hogan's swing in slow motion? Of course you do! And below we present multiple videos of Hogan's swing in slow motion.

But before we get to the slo-mo swings, let's first watching Hogan swinging in slow motion. What's the difference? In the later videos, Hogan swings at full speed and then the video is slowed down on playback. But in the first clip here, the tape is running at full speed but it is Hogan who is swinging in slow motion.

The quality of this clip is horrendous, but if you read my colleague Bogey McDuff's post entitled The Secret Society of Hogan Bootleggers, you'll know why.

This clip was taken on a home movie camera by friends of Hogan who were watching him at Seminole Golf Club in Florida, the Atlantic Ocean roaring in the background. As Bogey explained, that home movie footage was, for many years, a holy grail for golf instructors, passed around via VHS copies that got progressively lower-quality with each copying.

But finally, one of those copies popped up on the web. Here it is:

Hey, we told you the quality was terrible. But it's still amazing to watch a Hogan who was obviously advanced in years demonstrate his slow-motion practice routine.

This is an outtake from the same video, a tiny bit better quality (but still terrible), that shows a down-the-line view as Hogan swings in slow-motion:

Here are some more slow-motion videos of Ben Hogan's swing. In this one, the maker the video has taken various Hogan clips and slowed them down to highlight Hogan's transition move:

The next one has outtakes of Hogan from a 1965 Shell's Wonderful World of Golf episode. The maker of this video shows a few repetitions of Hogan's swing at full speed, and then again in slow motion. (And unfortunately, added some weirdly inappropriate rock music.)

And here's an ultra-slow-mo Hogan swing, from start to finish:

The above super slo-mo swing is taken from the following clip, in which Hogan himself talks about the golf swing:

I believe this is the same swing as the two videos above, but this video is nice and crisp, in color, and while in slow motion is at a little faster speed than the super-slo-mo one above:

Here's another super-slo-mo Hogan swing, this one filmed from behind, looking down the line:

The next video includes both regular speed and slow-mo, and Hogan's swing is seen from various angles (it includes voice-over narration):

We'll end with another one like the one we started with: In this clip, it is Hogan who is swingly slowly, rather than a full-speed swing being shown in slo-mo:

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