Monday, August 25, 2014

Hottie Named Henni Wins Sock Tan Championship

I'm something of a connoisseur for golfer's sock tans. More specifically, women golfer's sock tans. Not because I'm a foot fetishist or anything, but because ... um ... er ... they're cute? Actually, a great sock tan (which is kind of oxymoronic, because the foot is ghostly white) is a sign that a woman is a frequent golfer. And women who golf are hotter than women who don't golf.

The invaluable Golf Babes recently tweeted the sock tan to end all sock tans. Ladies and gentlemen, the World Sock Tan Champion:

The golfer in the photo is Henni Zuel. A hottie named Henni. Henni is short for Henrietta. Zuel is a Brit, and the photo was taken in California where Zuel is playing Stage I of the 2014 LPGA Q-School.

Here are a few looks at Henni that don't involve her feet:

(Photos: @hennizuel/Twitter)

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