Friday, August 2, 2013

Meet the Fairway Darlings

I don't know who the Fairway Darlings are, but I do know that they are a) hot; b) and I'd like to play golf - or anything else - with them:

OK, actually, I do know who the Fairway Darlings are. Or rather, is. Fairway Darlings is the name of a pro-am that takes place in Las Vegas every year. It's an invitational, you have to sign up on the website to receive an invitation. The multi-day event includes golf (with a rotating bevy of golfing beauties) plus after-golf parties and dinners.

If you follow women's golf (or watch The Big Break), you'll probably recognize quite a few of the "Fairway Darlings" in the video above. For example, Sara Brown, Mallory Blackwelder, Anna Grzebian, Meghan Hardin. I can think of worse ways to spend three days and $3,500.

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