Thursday, February 21, 2013

Exhibitionists and Flashers on the PGA Tour (Or: No Panties, No Putt)

You sometimes see the strangest things on a golf course during a PGA Tour tournament. Like, for example, a guy in the gallery next to a green sticking his hand down his female companion's pants as Charl Schwartzel is about to putt:

That screen capture and headline tell the tale (or should that be "tail"?) of what happened during the Northern Trust Open and was captured by CBS cameras. But if you'd like, you can watch the clip on Deadspin.

This incident reminded me of another that I read about in a book by caddie J.J. James. The book is Caddie Confidential: Inside Stories from the Caddies of the PGA Tour. It includes this nugget:

We were on the 17th hole, par-3. Around that area there was always a lot of action near the green, fans betting and tons of chatter. On the slope of the green, directly at the end of Hal Sutton's sight line for the putt was a young lady wearing a mini-skirt. She was sitting cross-legged, and wouldn't you know it, wearing absolutely nothing under her skirt.

The other caddie, (other) pro and I all went over to "help" Hal line up his putt. He had no idea why we were all standing behind him. "Look up, Hal," I said. "Oh my God," he replied, "I've got no chance of making this putt." He was right. He 3-putted.

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