Friday, February 22, 2013

Chris Kirk's Hot Wife

PGA Tour golfer Chris Kirk is married to a hottie, and he can't believe his luck. Here, look:

And his hot wife? Her name is Tahnee:

Chris' tweet led one of his friends to tweet back a question: "Is she also blind?"

His tweet above isn't the first time Chris has bragged about the wife he bagged on Twitter. It wouldn't be your first time, either! Look at her, she's gorgeous:

 Not sure where this hot blonde came from but I hope she stick... on Twitpic

And here is Tahnee Kirk sharing the cover of a magazine with Matt Kuchar's wife:

Tahnee used to write a blog called The Kirks on the Road; alas, she appears to have let it lapse. But you can still see the archives at But it's understandable that Tahnee hasn't had time to blog lately - she's busy with the Kirks' new baby, a son named Sawyer. Congratulations to Chris and Tahnee. And to Chris for nabbing Tahnee.

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