Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Best Booty In Golf

We're big Rachel "Chill" Connor fans around here, and not because she's a gamer:

(All photos by @ChillGolf/

The above image elicited responses that ranged from "wow! what a booty!" to "what a booty! wow!" Which led the lovely English lass known as Chill to then tweet this:

But I imagine it's not so awkward. Connor knows what she has, and by appearances she's not afraid to show it off. Witness:

But don't get the idea that Chill is just a pretty face and a great backside; she's got talent on the course. She once shot 62 in a Futures Tour round, and she just finished 12th at LPGA Q-School second-stage qualifier. Rachel is moving on to the Q-School finals, and men everywhere are praying she gets onto tour and into the LPGA telecasts.

Rachel posted this pic with the message "100% squats":

Oh, she also has nice puppies:

Be sure to follow her on Twitter: @RachelGolf.

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Bonus Rachel:

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